Optometrist and Ocularist
Ocularist Instructor
Medical Quality Specialist
Master of Science in Medical Quality, Nicholson University
Bachelor of Science in Optometry and Vision Science
Diploma in Optometry, Cairo
Diploma in Medical Quality, Oxford Academic
Diploma in Visual Impairment and Optical Aids, North Star Vision Academy
Founder of the Ocularist Department at Elite Hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Fellow of the International Association for Quality in Healthcare
Member of the American Association of Ocularists
Member and Fellow of the International Academy of Ocularists INAPO

Our Vision: to achieve an outstanding standard of performance in the field of Artificial Eyes, its supplies and constant research & development.

Our Mission: to ensure that we provide high-quality products with care about training and research part; to deliver the products which meet market needs.

– Access to world markets for Egyptian products.
– Achieve quality in entire products.
– Direct the modern technology to find a better image for our products.

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