An artificial eye is a replacement used in cases of eye loss or atrophy, as a result of any of the common causes such as congenital diseases, accidents, cancer diseases, burns, or war injuries. The artificial eye is very similar in shape, movement, and color to the original eye.

Using modern imprinting technology, the Eye Art Center for Prosthetic Eyes is able to make an artificial eye that matches the original eye accurately, including the shape, movement, and eye color. Thanks to technological developments, patients can get artificial lenses on the same day and in a short period of time.

Treating children with eye loss or atrophy requires special treatment because of their severe fear of treatment and doctors in general.

But at the Eye Art Center for Prosthetic Eyes, we specialize in dealing with these concerns and providing psychological comfort for children and encouraging them to receive treatment.

The manufacture of the artificial eye is done by a medical team specialized in medical manufacturing and eye care, and includes the following:

Taking the iris : The process of taking an imprint from the eye socket is done using a special medical material that fills the eye socket and is left for a few minutes to freeze. This process allows the technician to determine the shape of the artificial eye to be manufactured.

Coloring the eye: The artificial eye is colored using natural colors and oxides that mimic the natural eye color, or using HD high-resolution computer technology to match the artificial eye with the original eye.

Measuring the size of the pupil and iris: The size of the pupil and iris is measured to determine the exact dimensions of the artificial eye.

Making the shape of the eye: The process of making the shape of the artificial eye is done using the imprint that was taken in the first stage, and special medical materials are used to shape the shape of the eye.

Placing the iris and pupil: The iris and pupil are placed in the correct place in the artificial eye.

Taking the color and arteries: The color of the white part of the artificial eye is taken and the arteries are made so that the artificial eye is as similar as possible to the original eye.

Testing the artificial eye: The artificial eye is installed in the correct place and tested for shape, movement, and color using special medical equipment.

We are proud to provide high-quality services and we are always committed to meeting the needs and requirements of our patients. Do not hesitate to contact us to book an appointment in the prosthetic eye department at the Eye Art Center for Prosthetic Eyes with an imprint and get the best services for your eyes.

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