Designed To Look Natural

Optical Surface

Durable acrylic protects and magnifies the artwork and accentuates the anatomical features of the eye for a life-like experience.

Vessels & Sclera

Vessels are duplicated with red silk thread. The sclera is tinted with dry pigments to match the surface patterns and colors of the eye.

Acrylic Cornea

A clear acrylic dome, similar to a cornea, brings up the depth and magnifies the detail of the iris.

Hand Painted Iris

Pigment is hand painted, layer by layer, using color and pattern to create the natural texture of the iris.

Iris Button

The first layers of pigmentation lay the groundwork for the detailed depth and artwork to come.

Prosthetic Form

The prosthesis is made of white medical-grade acrylic, providing a smooth surface which accurately fits to the ocular tissue.

Silicone Impression

The impression captures the curvature, volume, and lid contours of the socket and allows for movement and comfort.
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